Monday, February 05, 2007

Ultrasound Update - We're Having a Girl

So, we went to see the ultrasound technician this morning. We found out that our fifth child is also our fourth daughter. No names picked out yet, but I wanted to throw out a couple thoughts on finding out the sex of a baby before he is born.

We chose not to find out what we were having with our first three children. While it was fun to wait until the joy of the birth to hear, “It’s a girl!”, we found that it was more practical for these last two children to find out ahead of time so we could plan out whose room the baby would be in.

As far as a biblical precedent, I can think of at least four mothers who were told ahead of time what the sex of their baby was going to be (and at times, what name the child was to have). Sara was told she was going to have a boy (she laughed at the thought so she name him Isaac). Rebecka was told that she was going to have two boys (and the older would serve the younger). While Hannah wasn’t told specifically that she was having a boy, her promise of giving the boy over to the service of the Lord at the temple kind of dictated it. Elizabeth was told that she was having a boy and that his name should be John. Mary was told that she was having a boy and that his name would be Jesus (because he would save the world from its sin).

Well, we are having another girl. Isaiah is kind of bummed because he really wanted a brother to bum around with. Leslie and I on the other hand are happy because the rooming situation works out great. Karis and Gloria share a room and now Abigail and the new little girl will share a room.

Couple items from the appointment this morning:

Abigail (now 1 year old) saw her little sister’s heart beating on the screen and said, “Fishy.” Maybe it’s true, maybe phylogeny really does recapitulate ontology. Or not! Maybe Darwinists have the minds of babes.

This was the first time we actually saw the baby swallowing during the ultrasound. Pretty cool!

Above: Sorry, totally unrelated photo. I took this photo of Soldier Field while flying with my brother Jon this past summer. If you click on the photo you can see men laying the sod. Note also that there is no field goal on the north side of the field yet. I thought it was a great game yesterday, but it sure would have been nice if the game ended after the first quarter.

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