Monday, February 26, 2007

Remodeling the Living Room

Tony, Isaiah and I knocked down the wall between the living room and an upstairs bedroom on Saturday. This new open floor plan will be really nice for us and will hopefully be good for having company. The Parquet flooring will not go into the back part of the room. I’m going to carpet that so that I can wrestle with Isaiah without hurting my knees. It will also give a better feeling of moving from the dinning room into the living room.

Isaiah is turning out to be quite the helper. He took the first few shots at the wall before it came down. He helped take the drywall out to the dumpster. In these photos you can see that he is turning out to be a good electrician as well. Don’t tell Leslie!

Preston made it home safely, but had to drive through thunderstorms and tornado warnings in Kansas. The weather was icy by the time he reached Iowa, so he was limited to 30 mph for several hours. It was good that he got out when he did since I heard all roads to Kansas were closed on Saturday. Thanks P.


Anonymous said...


The house looks great. What a blessing to have all of the different helpers you have had over the last month.

I had a nice chuckle seeing the pictures of Isaiah on the top step of the ladder. You are OSHA's worst nightmare.


Christopher said...

Hey Nick,

Given that the ladder is new and Isaiah is standing on the paint tray, I think I'm going to have to talk to him about that.

Complying with OSHA might be costly, but I bet they've helped organizations keep their equipment is working condition.