Monday, February 12, 2007

Remodeling the Kitchen Last Week!

We started the remodeling process this past week. I took last week off work (and posting) while my folks came to town and we started working on the kitchen.

Above: This is the southern wall in the kitchen. Why did they put it in to begin with? We don't know, so we took it out. See below.

Above: So, who needs that wall anyway. Preston confirmed that the wall between the kitchen and the living room was not a load bearing wall over the phone (about 1000 miles away). He was right.

Above: Completed the tear out of the wall between the kitchen and the living room. Leslie is very happy to open things up inside. Makes the house feel much bigger.

Above: My folks also helped lay the new flooring.

Above: Leslie's Dad Jan was over helping us paint the living room, entry, and hall way. He painted the girls room two weeks ago.

Above: The Kitchen is almost done. Dishwasher works, flooring is done, counters have been set (all but the one next to the soon to be installed stove).

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C Timm said... guys are quick! Head on over to our place when you're finished.