Friday, January 26, 2007

Whose Designer and Builder is God, Part 4

Update: We close on Monday! That’s just three short days away and all the silly paperwork has been wrapped up for almost a week now. We are excited and the kids and I might just sleep in the house Monday night even though we won’t be moving in for about another two months.

I know I wrote earlier that I would post some pictures of the place, but every time I look in the folder at the pictures I have I think to myself, “Wow, these are pretty nasty.” So I’m not posting pictures yet. Maybe I’ll come up with a before and after piece that will make what I’ve currently got look a little more interesting.

One thing that Isaiah is going to love about this house is its location. We are almost directly under the approach to Peterson Air Force Base. I’ve been at the house when the large C-130s have been practicing their takeoff and landings. Very cool! Things that large should be allowed off the ground. If this photo was taken from where I think it was, our house is just a couple miles directly behind the nose of this C-130.

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