Thursday, January 04, 2007

Whose Designer and Builder Is God, Part 2

More good news! We are in the process of accepting the seller’s counter offer. Thankfully the counter offer basically matches ours (less a $300.00 warranty). Closing is set for January 29, so we’ve got a lot to do in very short time. This is a nonexclusive counter offer (the house will remain on the market until we have worked through all the paper work) so we are hoping no one shows up with a better offer in the next day or two. We are very thankful for all the hard work our realtor, Lisa, has been doing on our behalf.

My parents are winning the “most helpful from the farthest point” prize. Not only was it my mom who found this property for us (what did we do without the internet?), she has researched all the pricing for the renovations we are hoping to do throughout the house and garage.

I had my first nightmare last night about the house buying process. I dreamed that we moved into a new house about a month before closing. In the dream I was having a very difficult time explaining to Leslie that “while we moved some of our stuff in, we can’t really occupy the house until after the closing.” Trouble was, all our daily items were already in the new house. So, we were forced to sleep in the house anyway.

By the way, you can pray for Leslie and me as we jump into this. I’m convinced that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. It is not insignificant that these statements in Ephesians 6 come directly after Paul’s household instructions. We have already felt Satan’s direct attack. How he wishes to cause division and all kinds of strife.

The image above indicates the type of help we are getting from my folks. This was just one of many fun ideas we’ve already considered for renovating the garage.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you, and will be praying that the paperwork moves forward quickly, if this house truly is God's will for your family. We heard about it from your mom over Christmas and I was close to calling to see if it had happened. We really missed seeing you and are thoroughly bummed that you won't be at MI house either. What's up with that?! Anyway, keep posting about the house process and give our love to the whole family.
Heather U.

Christopher said...


I guess I could have decided not to get married, then I could have made it to all Taylor family reunions, but then, I know that the real reason you were so bummed I'm missing is action is because your children missed my children.

Oh well, guess in order to get the good things out of life, you sometimes have to miss out on the good things in life.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

OK you're right. My kids missed yours and I even missed your wife :)

What about the house? I'm starting to wonder since you haven't said anything else about it.