Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Gospel According to Starbucks?

WaterBrook is out with a new book this month, The Gospel According to Starbucks. I won’t be buying it, nor doing it justice through a thorough review, but Publisher’s Weekly did a short one here.

I’m trying to get away from showing the inadequacies of others by building a thoroughly biblical theology that can be a good foundation for me and my family. But this one merits at least one comment.

Sweet's bottom line- Christianity must move beyond rational, logical apologetics, and instead find ways of showing people that it can offer “symbols and meaningful engagement.”
It appears that the premise of the book is to adopt better marketing techniques to get people interested in church (specifically: the marketing techniques that Starbucks uses). Since Starbucks focuses all their attention on creating the right environment and they have done so well, the church should take notice and follow.

Here is my problem. Put Folgers coffee in Starbucks packaging and Starbucks will go out of business. It’s the content Dr. Sweet! One more thought, the mainline churches already tried this, they are quickly disappearing.

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