Monday, December 18, 2006

A Question of Time

What is time? I’m no philosopher, and I’m out of my league already by even asking this question, but what is time and how is God related to time? One traditional answer sees time as the relationship between physical objects. In this sense, God is outside of time and time did not exist until God created the universe.

But here is my question (again, this question shows my ignorance, for all I know the question has been answered a thousand times over), why can’t we think of time as the relationship between persons? In this sense, God is not outside of time, but rather time is essentially part of the relationship between the persons of the Trinity. As the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have been enjoying each others presence for all eternity, time has been passing. Real time. Relational time.

If you have an answer, or can point to some answers, feel free.


I asked Isaiah, my 8 year old son, what he thought time was. He said he didn't know but he didn't like either option I gave. So I asked him how he would define the concept of time in a way that makes sense. He said he wouldn't, "because it is not our business."

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Anonymous said...

Augustine's work on time is highly recommended where he seems to say time is the intersection of the past and the future. Interesting thoughts...though it doesn't hold up.