Thursday, December 14, 2006

Public School Regrets

For several years now Leslie has been homeschooling our children. She still homeschools Gloria. But this school year started with a 9 month old at home so Leslie and I decided to put Karis and Isaiah into the public school system. Well, kind of. We actually placed them in Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, a charter school run by parents who want their children to get a firm foundation in grammar and math. We have found that these charter schools in the area are much better than the normal public schools and yet they’re still free.

Now that we are just about done with the first semester, I am really beginning to have my doubts. I was pleased when Isaiah, who is in second grade, was placed third grade English and Math. I really didn’t want him regressing. However, since they apparently do not accomplish much in the classroom, Isaiah was bringing home hours of homework each night. This week we decided to pull Isaiah out of the third grade classes just so he could have a life outside of studies.

So here is the irritating thing, the whole reason we placed Karis and Isaiah in the classroom was because Leslie didn’t feel like she had two hours to spend with the children each day helping with homework. However, even though the children are in the classroom, Leslie is still finding that she spends hours working with the children each afternoon before I get home. But now, she is spending a lot of time in helping the kids in remedial studies.

Now that we are expecting again, I don’t image that we will even try to homeschool again for another couple years, but it sure seems hard to keep them in when you know they are missing so much. By the way, I'm not trying to bad talk RMCA, it's doing its job better than most public schools. I'm just not sold out on public schools.

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