Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy First Birthday Abigail Marie!

Abigail turned one on Saturday. We started a new tradition on this birthday. In the morning we went out and bought our Christmas tree. This first photo was taken in front of the new tree. The curls are due to the bath she just took.

Karis, Isaiah, and Gloria were more excited about her birthday that Abigail was. We noted that we had about five inches of snow on the day Abigail was born. On her one year old birthday we almost had to cancel the party since we got about five inches of snow again. Some Tony and Mary were not able to make up to Nino and Papas because of the snow.

First birthday cake! Homemade Anglefood Cake with homemade frosting. Best Anglefood cake I've ever had. Leslie, your're amazing!

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