Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday – Cry Day

It’s Friday, three days before Christmas, and all should be well. But I’m reminded about the horrors of Friday this morning. In many houses across America Friday is a day to be embraced as the last work day before the weekend. Friday evening is the first night to spend with family and friends without having to worry about being up for work early the next morning.

But we’ve all seen a darker side of Friday. Leslie and I lived for a couple years during college in an apartment complex near Illinois State University. During this time I came to realize how horrible Friday afternoon can be in these United States.

Friday is the day when America’s sin gets exposed. I’m not talking about the self-indulgence that happens on a college campuses each Friday, though that is often a direct cause. I’m talking about the sacrament of divorce; the ceremonial passing off of children from one parent to another.

Each Friday afternoon we would hear the crying of several children in our apartment complex; mothers pushing their children out the door, sometimes with dreadful words, “Because you have to stay with your father.”

This weekend the unhealed wounds of divorce are irritated again like no other. Christmas compresses more pain than should be borne into the space of a couple days. The irony is that it was for this very reason the Christ was born into this world. He not only has the ability to heal open wounds, but save families from divorce.

Jesus, work your mighty grace this week in the lives of your children. Be born in us today.

Above: Just a wee bit of snow over the last couple days. Have a merry Christmas!

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